Toyota MR2 Supercharger

I wont detail the strip down and clean, it is pretty self-explanatory.

New inner and outer joint boots. 

New clips. 

New seal and end plate.

New grease, the white tube is for the gearbox side of the inboard joint, the small bottle is for the other side of the inboard joint and the large one is for the outboard joint.

Inboard joint, showing outer race, inner race & cage. The part at the top is the bit that normally lives attached to the gearbox.

Inner, outer and cage as they would be when assembled. 

Outer joint, cleaned. Normally this would not be necessary, but because the existing grease was contaminated with grit i had to clean it out thoroughly.

Applying new grease to outer joint.

Attaching new boot. If you have problems getting the boot down the drive shaft itself, try some silicone spray on the boot, this will also help pop the boot onto the joint itself.

Done, leave the clips until you have finished everything.

Inboard outer race with new cover attached.

Mounted the shaft into a vice to assemble the inboard joint, this part can be tricky. Best way i found was to have the outer race about 1/2 way down the inner race, pop the bearings into the cage and then raise the outer race until everything is flush. When it's like that nothing can drop out. In the picture above i have a clamp on the back to stop the outer race falling down while...

You put the new seal in place and grease up this side, then attach the shaft end, you can then flip it over and pack the grease in from the back. Careful with the shaft itself, there is nothing securing it to the outer race and will just fall apart.

Packing new grease in the back, i found i needed more grease than was supplied, use Lithium Moly grease. Make sure you apply grease to the whole of the inside of the boot, as the shaft moves the insides of the boot touch each other so need lubrication too. 

Pop the new retaining clips onto the boots 

Check make sure everything moves freely and finally put the new spring clip onto the gearbox end... job done.


1997-2011 Mark Nias