Toyota MR2 Supercharger

How to identify an LSD differential.

There are a number of ways to check if your MR2 SC has a LSD differential, if it has chances are its one of the standard Toyota/TRD clutched LSDs.

The best way to find out is to have a look at the differential itself, if your willing to remove a drive shaft you can tell by looking at the inside of the diff as seen through the drive shaft oil seal.

This is an open diff, the centre hole is large and you can see through it (if you removed the other drive shaft).

The LSD diff is basically the same but the centre hole is considerably smaller.

Another way to test for an LSD is to raise both rear wheels off the ground and turn one of the wheels, with a LSD they will turn the same way, in the video clip you can also see and year there is significant resistance to the wheels turning in opposite directions.

If you have an open diff or your LSD clutches are worn out then the wheels will turn in opposite directions, although if the weather is cold and you turn the wheel slowly enough the oil in the diff might be thick enough for it to turn the same way!

Click here to see the video.


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