Toyota MR2 Supercharger

5th MR2: 1989 SC (August 2002):

This MR2 was sold in 2009

The Super Edition represents the final evolution of the MK1 MR2. Introduced in January 1989 exclusively for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), the ‘SUPER EDITION’ included all the extras of the G-Limited models along with the following extra features: MOMO Steering Wheel, MOMO Gearknob, Recaro ‘Milano’ Seats with matching door panels and special paint (Midnight Blue) along with the associated decals. Only 270 Super Edition MK1s where made before production ceased in December 1989 to make way for the new revised model (the ‘MK2’).

Differences between the G-Limited Supercharger and a UK model of the same date include: Electric Retracting Mirrors, Climate Control with Air-Conditioning, Mirrored 'diamond cut' Aluminium Wheels and Mirrored T-Bar Panels. Other differences include revised rear light clusters to accommodate the Japanese ‘square’ registration plate.

This particular car was purchased in 2002 after seeing it at a local car show, it's in excellent condition with a few minor faults that need to be attended to. It came with the aftermarket Momo wheels shown in the pictures, they are not quite the correct offset but look fantastic on the car.



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