Toyota MR2 Supercharger

This page shows installing the pistons, main and rod end bearings.

First i need to reattach the block to the engine stand.

Done, first step now is...

To fit a new wroodruff key. It took me about 30 mins to remove the old on, a complete PITA! This picture shows the keyway and new key. The shaft end has been cleaned using a wire brush attachment for a 'Dremel' type tool which worked very well for the keyway itself.

The new key installed with copperslip. It's a tight fit so use a plastic hammer to tap it home.

Also take this opportunity to clean the inner surfaces of the timing and main crank pulley. It only needs a small amount of corrosion or crud to jam these onto the crank.

Next job, install the main crank bearings and the thrust washers.

Once the bearings are in you can put the crank in place.

Install the bearing caps and check the crank rotates freely.

Click image for video clip.

Next install the pistons.

All the pistons in, 

install the big-end caps and we're nearly there.

Job done. Click image for video clip.


1997-2011 Mark Nias