Toyota MR2 Supercharger

Once the head is installed we install the cams.

When the cams are in, install two new oil seals.

Now the cams are in we can also install the timing belt, install the cam pulleys making note that the timing markers are in place for the intake and exhaust. The knock pin on the intake cam will be pointing up and the exhaust pointing down, the two markers on the pulleys should align to the ribs on the rear timing cover. It can help to paint white markers on also.

Align the crank marker so the small marker on the timing pulley aligns with the marker on the oil pump. You can also see here the idler pulley is pulled right back to allow the timing belt to fit.

Timing belt on, now just release the bolt (timing pointer) holding the idler and it'll snap tight. Then tighten.


1997-2011 Mark Nias