Toyota MR2 Supercharger

Distributor Rebuild

Once you have removed all the electronics from the distributor you will need to drill out the pin that holds on the gear.

Once the gear is off you can remove the two retaining screws to release the bearing. The oil seal in the centre  is the cause of all the 4A-G distributor oil leaks

One dirty distributor in bits.

Now we have cleaned everything, we can start with the rebuild, first install a new oil seal.

Reinstall the shaft securing it with the two screws.

Next install the pickups, careful you get the air-gaps correct between the pickup and the shaft.

Reinstall the cover and a new rotor arm.

Put on new main o-ring seal and between the new cap. Not forgetting to attach the drive gear with the pin supplied in the rebuild kit.


1997-2011 Mark Nias